Garbage / Recycling Information


Garbage / Recycling Service:

The Town of Frankford provides residents with garbage and recycling service for a quarterly fee.  The garbage is collected early each Friday morning, while the recycling is collected every other Tuesday morning.


Questions & Answers:

Q: How much does this service cost?

A: The cost for quarterly trash/recycling service is $68.25 per quarter.

Q: Does the Town of Frankford collect it’s own garbage/recycling?

A: No, Chesapeake Waste is contracted with the Town of Frankford to collect garbage/recycling on their behalf.

Q: Where can I pay my garbage/recycling bill?

A: Bills may be paid by mail, in person at town hall, or over the phone via credit card.

Q: How do I start or stop garbage/recycling service

A: Call Town Hall at (302) 732-9424



Recycle Schedule for 2020