Comprehensive Plan



Much of this 2008 Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Frankford was drafted utilizing information from the 1999 Town Comprehensive Plan. It is important to note that this document updates the policies set forth in the town’s 1999 Comprehensive Plan and, where appropriate, the language from the 1999 Plan was inserted into this update. However, this document also contains new material that is necessary to meet the state plan certification requirements.

Portions of this document were also developed by the former Sussex County Circuit Rider for the Office of State Planning Coordination, Ann Marie Townshend. Informational updates and assistance with coordinating the efforts of the town were provided by her replacement, and current Sussex County Circuit Rider Bryan Hall. IPA agreed to assist the town and OSPC in the preparation of this Plan well after the development of this plan was initiated. This draft plan was reviewed by the State’s Preliminary Land Use Service (PLUS) review process on February 27, 2008 and amended as needed to address state comments. The revised plan was sent to the state in July 2008 and confirmation was provided to the town that all certification issues had been addressed. The Frankford Town Council formally adopted the plan on September 8, 2008 and the Plan was certified by the Governor on October 21, 2008.

The following document was crafted to meet the requirements set forth in the Delaware Code for a comprehensive plan for a town with a population less than 2,000. This plan will serve as an informational document for the public and a statement of town policy that will be implemented through actions, including the amendment of land use codes.

Read the Entire Frankford Comprehensive Plan here.

2020 Comprehensive Plan (Adopted)